Ofcom is making progress at legalising low-power FM transmitters like the iTrip for use with personal audio devices.

At the moment, iTrip and the like are illegal to use in the UK and Europe “because of the potential to cause interference to broadcast services”, according to Ofcom.

But Ofcom has decided to relax these laws, and today has published draft regulations. These followed a 10-week public consultations, and another 4 weeks consultation is now required before amendments to the Wireless Telegraphy Exemption Regulations 2003 can be carried out.

But the good news is the new regulations should be in effect by early December, so a few people may well hope for an iTrip in their stocking this Christmas.

In slightly related news, Ofcom is also proposing to deregulate CB radio, so that the 20,000 current licensees of short-wave radio won’t have to pay for an Ofcom licence.