Music download site Wippit has substantially increased its music catalogue by adding another 2.4million songs from a number of digital music distributers.

Wippit offers music downloads in MP3 format, which has no digital rights management added to it. As a result, Wippit tends to represent indie music rather than the mainstream, although there are exceptions.

The new tracks are as a result of deals struck with The Orchard, IODA, VUT, Digital Rights Agency, and CD Baby.

CD Baby adds songs from over 150,000 artists directly, while VUT represents Germany’s independent music scene. The Orchard will supply Wippit from artists including Green Day, Coldplay, Ray Charles, and Barenaked Ladies, while DRA adds Snoop Dogg, Chamillionaire, and Ludacris to the mix.

Wippit claims to be the second largest digital music service in the UK, with an international customer base where 26% of sales come from other European countries and 17% from North America.