High-street retailer has officially launched its new media downloads website designed with the help of Conchango.

HMV Digital was launched a year ago, but needed a facelift to bring it into the Web 2.0 world. Customers now can buy music and download it directly to the PC without having to install HMV Digital jukebox music management software.

The new store also lets users listen to audio clips of every available tune from HMV’s 2 million track library, as well as view artist playlists.

Like Napster before it, HMV is offering a subscription “rental” service for portable media players, where a monthly fee gets you unlimited downloads to a portable device.

“Our new hmvdigital.com delivers even greater access and choice to our digital customers, underlining HMV’s credentials as a true multi-channel specialist”, said HMV’s head of digital Mark Bennet.

Although sales at HMV stores dropped 5.4%, the company has reported that sales through its website has increase 150% since last year.