Novogo is now launching its small and brightly-coloured satnav, the S Series, to the UK.

Each S Series device comes with several metallic face plates so that you can match it to your car interior. Designed with portability in mind, the satnave weighs 240g, and measures 115 x 81 x 34mm.

Several specifications give it an edge above other small satnavs on the market, including a 2W speaker that increases automatically in volume as the car speeds up so that the driver can be sure to hear over the engine and wind noise.

Novogo also uses a SiRF Star III 20 channel GPS receiver that improves reception in areas of low signal.

The 3D maps are displayed on a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen that changes colour during different times of the day to ensure that it’s visible to the driver. The bundled maps are seamless for Western Europe, so there’s no messy switching of maps midway through a route. The tilt and zoom design also lets you zoom out of your current position to see the big picture, and lets you tilt to view the earth from a flatter perspective.

Other features include a Bluetooth hands-free calling facility, a database of millions of points of interest, including phone numbers, Real Time TMC updates, and automatic rerouting if you go wrong.

The devices have 64MB of internal memory and support up to 2GB of expandable memory. The S700 with Western Europe map costs around €400; the S700BT offers hands free calling with Bluetooth and costs €500; the S900BT adds the RDS/TMC Traffic Receiver and costs €600.