If you're tired of the bottomless pit of products that is eBay, maybe it's time to give online classifieds a go instead. Textandsell aims to transform the way we sell things online by using the immediacy of the mobile phone.

Textandsell gives sellers the chance to sell goods by texting an image of the product taken on their mobile to the website, where it is uploaded with the accompanying text. Users text their postal code first, followed by a description and desired sale price to 07740 827827.

Each 2-week listing costs £1.50, a premium text rate, and is billed to the user's mobile phone bill. Sellers and buyers have to register on the site to help with certain safeguards, but other than that, it's an open marketplace.

Automatic safety checks filter out abusive or other unacceptable text messages, while images are checked for appropriateness. Users can also report offensive images so that they can be removed.

"For all ages it has never been quicker, easier or cheaper to sell your stuff. And, for those that just want to get rid of unwanted items in their lives there is a "Free Stuff" category on the website," says site co-found Tobi Hardy

To check out the new service, visit