With the recent security measures that have been put into action at Heathrow limiting the size of carry-on bags, notebook case manufacturers have been quick to release new products that combine protection with compact sizing.

Brenthaven and Kensington have both announced additions to their bag ranges. Brenthaven’s two new models are called The Edge and The Metro.

The Edge is small enough to fit into another briefcase as a notebook sleeve, and can also be toted as a shoulder case, while the Metro is slightly larger, accommodating notebooks from 12-15.4-inches, and incorporates a special storage pocket for headphones.

Both promise extra protection from knocks, bangs and bumps.

Kensington’s rash of new bags include nine different models in four different ranges designed with different users in mind; all are built around Kensington’s Contour technology, which supposedly balances weight distribution so that there’s a 35% reduction in the load put on the shoulder and neck.

Aimed at the businessman, the two Traveller bags, one a roller case and one with a shoulder strap, have special pockets for various gadgets and incorporates DropShield notebook padding to protect the computer.

The Balance range is for the businesswoman, as they’re 30% lighter than “traditional” notebook rollers.

The Cargo Backpack and Messenger case are for “technology enthusiasts”, by which we guess they mean big geeks, and feature a “rough and ready” look with carry handles on the top and side of the laptop sleeve.

Last up is the Terrain range for the casual commuters includes a Messenger Case and an over-the-shoulder bag, and features water and stain-resistant canvas.

The cases are available from £20 to £60.