Pocket-lint reported last week that a new internet browser, called Browzar, claims to keep your internet surfing private.

However, computer experts and bloggers have discovered that the application doesn’t do all the things its maker says it does.

Browzar is a shell that works over Internet Explorer. It has been branded “adware” by some people, even though its maker promises “no malware, no spyware, and no adware”.

When searches are executed using Browzar’s search facility, sponsored links are included within the search results, rather than in a separate section or panel, like on Google or Yahoo.

Adware is advertising-supported software that is available for free but then displays advertising in the interface.

Browzar’s creator has vehemently denied that his software is adware, but it doesn’t seem his case is very strong.

Computer experts have also found that the software hasn’t deleted every trace of where the user has visited online, even though the developers say that it gets rid of all files associated with websites upon shutting down the application.

The release is still in beta, so perhaps some of the problems and objections will be ironed out by the time the full release is launched.