Pocket-lint has come along way since it launched on the 20 February 2003, and we have even more plans for the years ahead, which we will be announcing shortly.

In the meantime, we want to hear from you, good or bad as to what you like or dislike on the site.

Maybe you want a forum so you can chat with friends or possibly more news on a certain section. Perhaps, and we hope not, there is something that we do that you don't like and want to see if we can change it.

Whatever you think, we would love to hear from you about how we can make your visit to Pocket-lint even better.

We can't promise to implement or fix every idea, but we can promise that we will do our best over the coming months to iron out, improve, or simply keep doing what you tell us you like or don't like.

Thanks for your support in advance

Stuart Miles
Editor - Pocket-lint.co.uk