At IFA 2006 in Berlin, TDK has announced both the release of its 50GB recordable Blu-ray media and the development of a prototype 200GB Blue-laser disc.

TDK claims to have developed technology able to store 200GB of data on discs by using blue lasers.

That translates into about 18 hours of high definition video.

The 200GB disc is single sided, and is made up of six layers, each holding 33.3GB. The dics are also coated with Durabis, a material TDK developed to protect the delicate discs from scratches and fingerprints.

TDK’s previous highest capacity disc prototype reached 100GB, but it isn’t even close to the production stage yet.

In other news from TDK, the company has announced the availability of its 50GB Blu-ray media, which will retail for around 35 euro for a write-once disc and 45 euro for a rewritable one.