The City Chase is a unique urban adventure that requires participants to exhibit teamwork, resourcefulness and determination as they search for “ChasePoints” in unknown locations around the city. After only two seasons The City Chase is already the largest urban adventure race based in major cities around the world, pitching itself against events such as The Rat Race.

Teams of two race through city streets, buildings and parks, trying to locate and complete a variety of urban-based challenges. The event allows “Chasers” to rediscover the city, no matter what your sporting ability.

Each team is issued with a clue sheet with cryptic descriptions of challenges and locations. Teams must plan their own route through the city, in search of the various “ChasePoint” locations. Teams must be resourceful - knowing when to use their mobile phone to seek help from family and friends; knowing how to read a map as they plan their strategy; knowing when to catch a bus or the tube - resting their muscles; and knowing how to use their charm to entice support from other teams and even strangers! Teams receive a stamp for each “Chase Point” they complete, and the first team to cross the Finish Line with ten stamps is the winner.

The event typically begins at 10:00am and lasts 4–6 hours. During the day, participants will push their physical and intellectual limits. The spirit of City Chase is all about Laughter, Adventure and Discovery, with most teams focused on “the journey not the destination”.

The London City Chase 2006 takes place on 16th September and sees


as the main sponsor for the event, their range of footwear being perfect for the event. Key partners also include Transport For London and charity organisation SPARKS.

The winning team from each event will be invited to The 2006 City Chase World Championship, to represent their country in international competition! To register or to find out further information log on to

and become a part of a truly unique event!