I have to admit I haven't come across the problem yet when I need the loo and I have to take my daughter in with me, however friends tell me it's only a matter of time.

When it does come to that time dads and mums who aren't sure what to do with their little one while they are sitting on the throne, can turn to a new invention from an American company called the Babykeeper.

The Babykeeper, patent pending don't you know, is an infant carrier seat that hangs from the back of a public toilet door so you can go about your business without worrying where to put your baby.

Suitable for babies 6-18 months who can sit unassisted the unit features two large metal hooks encased in safety webbing, each lined with non-slip material for added security that hang over the door.

Those intrigued enough to want to buy one, can do so for $59.50 from


and yes, you'll be pleased to know the company does ship internationally.