The days when women were assured lower car insurance premiums than their male counterparts could be coming to an end.

Female drivers in their early-20s have seen their premiums rocket of late, according to new stats. Between April and June, average premiums for women drivers aged between 21 and 25 rose 1.4%, taking the average annual amount to a whopping £571.62.

This bucks a slight downward trend, which saw the overall average premiums drop marginally. Drivers in the North-West currently pay the highest average price for their car insurance (£703.29), while the South-West in the lowest at just £456.78.

There’s good news if you’re a granny from northern Scotland, as your average premium comes to just a shade over £152.

A spokesman for the group that carried out the study warned that insurance companies had been offering “aggressive pricing policies over recent years”, but this had only been possible because insurers had been absorbing the loss using reserves that had been set aside for claims in earlier years. Premiums have thus been artificially low but are likely to increase in order to recover costs.