It hasn’t been a good week for internet services provider Claranet, which has detailed its lapses in service on its support site.

Halfway through Wednesday, customers found that they could no longer access their email, and are still without service 2 days later.

"The first we knew of the problem was when some of our emails stored in our online account went missing. A family argument later, we tried to contact, but all we've been able to get is a recorded message."

"It's annoying because we have been left totally in the dark."

“We don't know when we are to get our emails back, or whether or not the emails people have sent us will eventually get through."

“I can imagine if you are a business using the service this must be a nightmare", a reader affected by the hardware issues told us.

Wednesday’s initial email problem on the popmail platform was apparently caused by a fault on the mail store, and since that time, all new mail has been redirected to spooling service so that hopefully no email will be lost.

One of Claranet’s web hosting platforms went down on Friday morning as well, although that problem was resolved within 4 hours.

Problems were exacerbated by a power failure at Telehouse, the housing that contains many of Claranet’s core services, including the DSL platform and some mail servers.

It took Telehouse’s engineers around 7 hours to get it up and running again.

Claranet couldn’t give a firm answer to our enquiries as to when email would be restored, although a spokesperson said she expected it to be up sometime on the weekend.

However, a note on the company’s website is less hopeful, saying that it hopes to deliver the mail to a new storage platform by Monday, but that even then, customers will have to wait until “the platform has the capacity to allow access to mailboxes".