A new streaming tool from RawFlaw promises to make it easier for small businesses and individuals to upload content to a P2P network.

QuickStart lets anyone already streaming audio or video content to set up a P2P streaming network in three steps, and promises to cut down on bandwidth costs by up to 90%.

RawFlow launched the software to tap into a number of business who find themselves suffering from high bandwidth costs as their audio or video broadcasts grow in popularity.

QuickStart software creates a network that uses the upload bandwidth capacity of viewers or downloaders.

In tests with Denmark Radio and NexusLive, audio content bandwidth costs have been reduced by 90% and live video streaming costs by about 50%.

The software supports various video and audio files, and even lets users connect through a small plug-in to create a secure network for sharing files.

Although P2P networks have a bad rap because of illegal sharing of movie and music files, this type of software is intended for business users who are legitimately marketing their audio and visual products.

Quickstart is available as a 30-day free trial from

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