Segway has brought out its second-generation scooter devices, the first update since the machine debuted in 2002.

The devices are now available in two version, the i2 and the x2. The latter is styled as an all-terrain Segway suitable for off-roading thanks to rugged tyres and a special supersoft cushion.

They incorporate LeanSteer technology which lets riders turn left or right by simply leaning in the correct direction, rather than turning the handlebars.

Top speeds are only 12.5mph, while a full battery charge offers a 24 mile range radius.

Each of the two versions comes in three different models: the i2 Police, Commercial Cargo, and Commuter, and the x2 Police, Adventure, and Golf.

Although Segways do not seem to have achieved the ubiquity that the company hoped for, they have been adopted by some police in the US, and some golf courses who have adapted the off-road device for their green hills.

The i2 will retail for around $5,000, while the x2 will be on sale for about $5,500.