Durable, the maker of various cleaning products, has made the link between the fact that according to its survey, 60 percent of people have had a cold in the past three months and the fact that most office workers have quite dirty workstations.

So, in the name of public health, the company has declared 18-23 September National Computer Cleaning Week.

It has even put up a website, www.computercleaningweek.com, “to promote a clean and healthy working environment.”

Registration will reward you with a free goody bag through the post that includes a brochure on cleaning your workstation, sticky notes, colourful bugs, and posters.

Durable’s survey contained the shocking revelation that 75 percent of “us” have dirty monitors; 90 percent sully our workstations by eating lunch at our desks; and most worrying of all, 72 percent of “us” pick our noses at work.


Durable also quote scientific studies that have proven that keyboards can contain e.coli bacteria, MRSA, and salmonella.

Unsurprising, really, when 22 percent don’t wash their hands before preparing food at the office.