Points of interest are always a big selling point for satnav devices, especially since they can be customised to show you restaurants and hotels along your route and at your destination.

Now Tele Atlas has announced McDonald’s locations in the USA will be added to its list of available brand icons on its digital maps.

The easy-to-view icons lets users quickly identify services based on well-known logos.

Brands that are included on Tele Atlas maps include Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, Red Lobster, Subway, Wendy’s, Chevron, Shell, and Texaco, as well as numerous other chain restaurants and hotels/motels.

“It’s part of our strategy to blend ever richer and useful content with our digital maps, so that mobile navigation system users can find the products and services most important to their daily lives”, said Jay Benson, vice president of Business Development at Tele Atlas.

Tele Atlas is used in NavMan and TomTom products, and can be purchased for use in PDAs and other mobile devices.