The legal P2P service Mashboxx has signed an agreement with EMI Music to make its entire catalog of recording available to the company.

Mashboxx, which is still in development, is a P2P client that is part of the new generation of legal music sharing service.

The software identifies tracks across the P2P networks that have been claimed by the big recording studios, blocking those that aren’t available for legal download and offering those that are either free or available for a fee.

The service includes a sampler option that lets users download tracks and play them up to five times before it locks and asks the user to purchase the track.

Once songs have been purchased from Mashboxx, they can be burned on to a CD up to seven times, played on five different PCs and transferred to an unlimited number of Windows Media-compatible portable devices.

EMI’s musical offerings include albums from Coldplay, Gorillaz, The Rolling Stones, and Robbie Williams.

Sony BMG will also make its catalogue of music available through Mashboxx when the service finally launches after sorting out all the licensing agreements.

Songs purchased from Mashboxx will cost the same as those from iTunes: $0.99.