In honour of the release of the British Crime Survey, which was published on 20 July, Symantec did some research into how Britons protect their PCs.

Even though people are aware that there's been a rise in robberies, attempted murders, and drug offences, they're not very clued up on "invisible burglars" who steal identities silently online.

One third of UK respondents to the survey said their identity and personal information was more important to them than their home security.

Quite a few people don't take even simple precautions when it takes to protecting their identity online.

Thirty percent of Britons don't use any form of password protection on the PC; more than one in five don't use anti-spyware software.

And nearly 70% don't use any back-up software at all.

Symantec's number one recommendation for protecting your machine? Install security software, of course.