Following on from last month's decision from the BBC to axe Top of the Pops due to the influence of digital downloads for the move, Yahoo! in time for the last ever show on the 30 July, has commissioned a poll to show that Top of the Pops wasn't in fact the UK's favourite music TV programme of all time.

In fact, according to the survey of over 2000 people, that award goes to the BBC's other music programme "Later with Jools Holland" with (32%) of the vote. Top of the Pops came second with 29% of the votes.

The survey also saw old favourite The Old Grey Whistle Test (12%), which started broadcasting back in 1971, beat off programmes from the last three decades such as CD:UK (11%), The Tube (5%) and even The Word (4%).

One of the quirkiest things that the survey highlighted was that Songs of Praise (5%) was rated as a more important programme than both The Word and Channel 4’s irreverent show Popworld (4%).

“We’re really surprised by the outcome of this poll. We were sure that Top of the Pops would be seen as the favourite music programme of all time despite its recent axing”, comments Gareth Bellamy, editor of Yahoo! Music.