MTV Networks has unveiled a new social networking site hoping to woo users away from MySpace.

Called MTV Flux, the new service will allow members to upload their own content on to television, be part of an online interactive community and ultimately control their very own TV channel.

MTV has announced that the first stage kicks off August 1st with the launch of the community-based site,


Users will get a manga and Japanese animation styled basic avatar design which they will then be able to manipulate into the image they want to represent them in the Flux on-screen community.

In an environment which fully encourages and rewards community interaction, the more Fluxers "flux", the more screen time they will bag for their avatar, as well as securing a greater say in exactly what appears on TV.

As well as interacting with the website to control the playlist for MTV Flux, registered audience members will be able to communicate via their mobile phone with other Fluxers by texting their avatars. Budding artists will also be able to share their creations by uploading content directly to Flux for all members of the Flux community to enjoy.