If the night-after-night of your partner having to get up to tend to your new baby is getting you down, then a recent study should give you enough ammunition to move to the spare room without the need to feel guilty.

A recent study has found that men suffer temporary mental setbacks if they share their bed because their sleep is always disturbed whether they make love to their partners or not.

The researchers interviewed eight unmarried couples in their 20s who were asked to spend 10 nights with their partners, and 10 nights alone.

After each night's sleep, scientists checked the stress hormone levels of both the men and the women, and then asked them to take simple cognitive tests.

While most men reported a better night's sleep with their partner, their test results were better on nights they slept alone.

According to Professor Gerhard Kloesch who conducted the study, both men and women suffered disturbed sleep when they went to bed with partners, but when they eventually get to sleep, women slept more deeply with their partners.

Of course whether or not Mrs Pocket-lint will buy it, is another matter altogether.