Any parent will know that dropping the dummy is a pain. You've either got to go and wash it off or if your baby is under 6 months put it back in the steriliser for 15 minutes.

In steps the Always Clean Baby Pacifier, a dummy that features a unique shield that automatically closes when the dummy is dropped.

According to the company behind the invention, the shield automatically closes before the dummy hits the ground, keeping it clean no matter how many times your little tot drops it.

Costing $3.99 for three, the American site

, doesn't however say whether or not they ship to the UK.

UPDATE: We've had some good news, following our original story has contacted us and said that they will deliver to the UK.

All customers have to do is "Just contact us on and tell us the items and quanities and we will reply with the cost and payment directions."

With the strength of the GBP vs USD purchases work out very cost effective.