The summer holidays are almost upon us and what better way to celebrate than to go on holiday.

Packing to go away can often be a stressful experience, especially when you've got the entertainment of little passengers to consider.

So, to ease pressure and guarantee you have a great break, LeapFrog Toys and Dr Janine Spencer, Developmental Child Psychologist, have put together the following toy packing do's and don'ts:

Toy Packing Do's
- Let older children help pack their cases. This will make them feel involved in the decisions and should save any tearful questions on why a certain toy hasn't been packed.
- Make sure you have a mixture of toys/games; some they can play with alone and others that involve the whole family.
- Interactive toys, such as the handheld Leapster Multimedia Learning System are great for long periods of entertainment, as your kids enjoy fun yet educational interactive games with characters like Scooby Doo and this year's Disney summer blockbuster Cars. Child friendly ear phones will also keep the peace in the car!
- Pack a smaller bag for the journey with a selection of toys, and then if something rolls under the seat mid journey it can be easily replaced.
- Remember to pack spare batteries (and a small screwdriver in your checked-in luggage) for any electronic toys.
- Think of toys for queues - you could spend as much time in the airport as on the flight itself.

Toy Packing Don'ts

- If flying, don't pack anything in your hand luggage that won't be allowed on a plane (like your screwdriver).
- Your child's favourite toy is an essential, don't forget it!
- Avoid toys with lots of small pieces that could get lost.
- Avoid delicate toys that won't stand the crush of the baggage carousel.
- Remember, when taking bigger toys, look for those that flat-pack or fold away neatly.