When it came to naming our Chief Tester here at The Dad blog it took us ages. Making sure you get the right name and one that everyone else won't have as well is a tough job for any parent.

Of course you could go the way of the stars and call your new born child something like Apple or Banana, but then hey, we live in the real world.

In steps the rather useful tool then from iVillage that uses data from the Social Security Administration in America to create a graph of the top 1000 names that were registered with Social Security in the US from the 1880s up to today.

Based on what name you type in, the site creates a graph to show you how the name has gained or lost popularity over the years. It is pretty interesting stuff. Take Stuart for example, a popular name in the 60s, but since then has noticed a decline in its usage.

You can find the tool at