The BPI is going after illegal file-sharers by putting pressure on internet service providers to ban accounts that are being used to swap copyrighted songs.

The music industry's association wants Cable & Wireless and Tiscali to suspend 59 accounts that have been to upload "significant" amounts of copyrighted music, according to a Reuters report.

BPI Chairman Peter Jamieson stated, "We have said for months that it is unacceptable for ISPs to turn a blind eye to industrial-scale copyright infringement".

"We are providing Tiscali and Cable & Wireless with unequivocal evidence of copyright infringement via their services."

"It is now up to them to put their house in order and pull the plug on these people."

Tiscali said its reviewing the addresses that have been submitted to it and will "respond appropriately" should its see evidence of illegal file sharing.

This latest action by the BPI follows the new trend of going directly to the provider, whether it be internet service or file sharing websites, rather than hunting down individual copyright infringers themselves.

The BPI has recently said it will sue, but has said it will not go after the site's users.