Jv16 PowerTools 2006 by Macecraft Software is an all-around system maintenance utility software for Windows. It contains a wide variety of features for system maintenance, such as registry cleaning, completely uninstalling badly behaving software, finding duplicate files and deleting unnecessary temp files.

The software comes with over a dozen translations including most of the major languages, e.g. German, French, Spanish and traditional Chinese. Also a 60+ page PDF format handbook is available in which are explained all of the tools and their usage.

One can't help to think that jv16 PowerTools 2006 is targeted to the more experienced users since all ultra-sleek animations, big red buttons, sound effects and other useless nonsense are nowhere to be found. A quick browsing around the Net shows that the product has a large group of users.

The product is easy to install, but it also uninstalls very gracefully and all the files that came with the installer get removed, as you would expect. The software's integration to the operating system is minimal.

The user interface is basically a familiar looking Windows Control Panel-like window which gives you a direct access to all of the 23 main tools. These tools include a software manager which allows you to uninstall and remove software and leftover entries of old software, startup manager which lets you to control which applications start with Windows and the registry cleaner which finds errors from the Windows' registry and fixes them.

Other tools include the registry compactor which can save your computer's memory (both RAM and hard disk space) by reducing the size of the registry, file cleaner which can detect all the unused files from your system and the duplicate file finder to find all of your duplicate files.

This suite offers a no-nonsense way to handle several system-level functions. It doesn't primarily contain one-click solutions, but more advanced, and in-depth solution for many system maintenance tasks. A great value for the money.

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