First there was the Milliondollarhomepage, now there is building that has taken the concept of the webpage created by 20-year-old Alex Tew offline.

Like the site, which featured a visual bombardment of pixel sized adverts on one page, the building is selling space to advertisers looking to be apart of the project.

The building, developed by the Sandberg Institute already has big companies on board like Nike, McDonalds, Apple and Ikea.

The Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam says that the building is "A new work that sets itself on the borders between commercial art and critical art, commerce and information, private business and public space".

Each tile is 29x35cm in size and costs 19.99 euros for 1 month. Broken into three zones advertisers can buy a single tile in zone 1, or a minimum 20 tiles in zone 2 or 50 tiles in zone 3.

As an example, the Philips advert at the top of the picture is 260 tiles.