MTV has announced that it is to start selling more of its shows via Apple's iTunes Music Store following the success of some of the networks Comedy Central titles.

Speaking to an MTV Networks spokesman, Pocket-lint was told that the move was to enable MTV's audience to gain greater access to the television stations shows in a variety of different mediums to suit their different habits.

The news comes just one month after news of a collaboration between Microsoft and MTV called URGE was presented as offering a real alternative to Apple's service.

Under the new deal between Apple and MTV, US customers will be able to download reruns of MTV shows from iTunes for $1.99 per episode.

However, the iTunes deal does not include music videos and internet radio stations, which will exclusive to the Microsoft and MTV Urge service.

Like Napster, Urge offers its customers a monthly subscription package and access to over 2 million songs, 18 music genres, countless styles and exclusives from MTV, VH1 and CMT.

MTV has also confirmed that a video download service would be launched later in the year once the service comes out of beta.