A new version of BounceBack Professional client backup has been released to make it easy to backup all your valuable information.

BounceBack Professional Version 7.0 can be used to restart a PC or Mac in case of failure, via the backup hardware or Restore CDs.

Users simply install BounceBack and run a one time full backup. Subsequent backups are done automatically when the backup hardware is plugged in.

Brian Blanchard, Sales Manager EMEA at CMS Products explains, "We created BounceBack professional-grade backup and disaster recovery software because we understand entirely the pain that people suffer when a hard drive fails".

"Not only can irreplaceable photos, music, and personal data be lost forever, but the process of repairing a computer after a failure can be expensive and time consuming. With BounceBack that doesn't have to happen, ever again."

BounceBack Professional 7.0 comes with a 3-year warranty and is available with ABS Plus for £109 +VAT or as a standalone software program for £45 +VAT.