Digg.com has changed the way users find technology news on the web, and now it's set to do the same for general news, entertainment and videos.

The website allows users to vote news stories on to the site, and arranges them according to popularity (or number of digs).

At the moment, the site is restricted to technology stories, although that genre is a wide net that catches all sorts of strange and wonderful stories.

"The point of Digg is to capture the interests of the Internet amsses and use that interest to help organise the huge amounts of information on the Web", Digg Chief Executive Jay Adelson said.

"This makes it more convenient and, frankly, faster to find relevant information."

The new beta version of Digg.com is due out on Monday, and will add world events, business, entertainment, science, and gaming news, as well as video. A sports category is set to launch a bit later on.

The site's user interface has also changed, so that users can see what their friends have submitted, and can customise what categories they like to view.