After initially releasing the beta in April, Opera today has launched its full version 9 for free download.

New features include integrated BitTorrent download, as well as beefed up security.

Search is fully customisable, with a quick right click on a site's search field adding it to the line-up of search engines available.

Opera has taken tabbed browsing to the next level by showing thumbnail previews of each tab as the mouse hovers over it, and providing a Trash can that remembers closed tabs so you can quickly retrieve them again. A collection of open tabs can also be remembered a session to re-open later.

Opera 9 includes a Security bar to indicate secure websites and supports SSL version 3, as well as TLS 1.0 and 1.1.

And with the popular of Widgets rising, Opera 9 includes a Widgets menu to discover new mini web applications for the desktop.

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