The BBC's Top of the Pop's isn't the only victim to the digital download era this week.

The once number one music download service in the UK, MyCokeMusic, has announced that it is shutting down and closing its doors at the end of next month.

In a statement on its site MyCokeMusic said: "When we launched mycokemusic, it was because our consumers told us that this was something they were really interested in".

"In 2004, the digital music scene was just developing and the only way for Coke to offer access to music downloads was to open our own store. That's not true today and there is no need for Coke to continue to run a store."

Customers who have credit outstanding will be able to transfer it to other music stores run by Peter Gabriel's OD2 music service, however they will have to request this manually from the store.

MyCokeMusic has said that if users do not use up outstanding credit by the cut off date of the 31 July 2006 then that credit will be lost.

Quick to capitalise on its competitors downfall Wippit, who is number three in the music download market behind Napster and Apple's iTunes Music Store, said:

"We mourn MyCokeMusic. It was yet another site that made us look good."