MusicGremlin has put one over on Apple and released the first Wi-Fi equipped MP3 player.

Not only does it let you download music from your PC, but also from the MusicGremlin's subscription site wirelessly, without a PC.

Music from the site can also be shared between users on a Wi-Fi network.

For $15 a month, subscribers have access to download unlimited tracks from MusicGremlin's library of about 2 million songs. The database is stored on the device itself so that you can queue songs for download while you're away from a wifi hotspot for them to start downloading when you come back within range. This feature has great appeal; how many times have you found yourself thinking of a song and wishing you could listen to it right then and there?

You can also download music to your PC and send it wirelessly to your Gremlin, share playlists from other users and the site itself, and beam songs to your friends' Gremlins.

The downside is that the device only holds 8GB at the moment, and is quite chunky.

The MusicGremlin costs $299.99 from