Hot on the heels of the news the eBay is rolling out a new service incorporating Skype into the site comes another set of launches from the auctioneers.

EBay has released a beta version of Wiki, a space to host user-generated, fact-based articles, as well as eBay Blogs, for commentary pieces.

In Wiki beta, users can write article entries on whatever topic they desire, sharing information about collectibles or specific items with the whole community. Wiki allows other users to edit the article, as well as add comments to it.

EBay notes that the articles "are based on facts and the experiences of the community members", and aren't designed for op-ed pieces.

So that commentary isn't excluded from the site, eBay is also adding a Blogs section for posting photos and text. The site is RSS enabled.

Although most of the blogs so far seem to be from sellers trying to attract attention to their goods, sellers and regular eBay watchers may start keeping their own digital journals on the site.

In the US, eBay is testing additional alert services so that bidders are notified by phone three minutes before an auction closes.

British customers can customise alerts by choosing to receive text message when they're outbid, losing, or receiving feedback.