London Mayor Ken Livingstone is launching an initiative to bring computers to London's older citizens.

The Computers for Older People project is soliciting unwanted computers from London business to donate to older people so that they can be exposed to the wonders of the internet.

Computers can be donated to Maxitech, a not-for-profit computer recycling company that will reformat and refurbish the computers before distributing them to Age Concern centres throughout the city.

Age Concern plans to give computers to housebound older people as well as keep some at their centres for older people to use there. Training courses will also be offered.

Ken Livingstone said, "Access to a computer—and in particular the Internet—is an increasingly valuable part of every day life, and without it many people will find themselves deprived of many opportunities that others take for granted. This is an important project, which I strongly support, and a fantastic way to enhance the lives of many London's older citizens".