Bulldog may be the first casualty of a looming broadband internet service pricing war.

Bulldog (a division of Cable & Wireless) is stopping its consumer and small-business broadband service and will instead focus on being a wholesale product for other service providers.

Existing customers will still receive their service as normal and have access to customer care, so the change in strategy doesn't mean that it's completely withdrawing from retail. Those who have already signed up for Bulldog service can expect their orders to be processed and are still scheduled to be connected.

The move will shrink Bulldog's workforce by 150 people, mainly in sales and marketing departments.

In the announcement made by Cable and Wireless, the local loop rollout plan remains unchanged and has a target of 800 fully unbundled exchanges by 30 September 2006. It hopes to offer the local loop capability for corporate customer access as well as the wholesale offer.