Yahoo is expected to roll out a limited beta of their redesigned and upgraded photo site on Thursday.

Improvements over the older Yahoo Photos site include the ability to upload high-resolution images, tag photos with keywords, and add comments to other users' photo collections.

The ability to share high-resolution photos will be a boon to those who want their friends to be able to print out high-quality images, rather than just low-res versions.

The welcome page has been redesigned to include a list of albums on the left, with larger images situated in the centre. Re-arranging images has been made easier with the ability to drag and drop multiple images on the page, while renaming involves sampling selecting the old name and typing in the new.

The site is also integrated with Mail, Messenger, Mobile and Yahoo 360, an all-in-one blogging tool still in beta.

The redesign and improvement of Yahoo Photos has come about thanks to the acquisition of Flickr, which is a photo sharing site designed for professionals and serious amateurs, a year ago. "Yahoo has taken the technical sophistication developed at Flickr to the mass market", said Brian Bowman, vice president of community at Yahoo.