Bike computers have them so why not your buggy?

The Strollometer is a bolt on computer that will allow you to measure current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, trip time, daily milage, ambient temperature as well as offering you the time when you need it.

Working in a virtually identical way to a bike computer the that strap-on, strap-off unit comes in two parts - a heads up display and a monitor that tracks your wheel revolutions.

It fits horizontal and vertical handlebars, plastic mag and spoked wheels, and can be set for wheel sizes as small as 10cm in diameter. The package also contains a pouch to hold The Strollometer when detached from the stroller.

Expected to be available in September, the company has yet to set a price for the Strollometer.

Unfortunately it doesn't come with go faster strips to give you that extra speed over Mrs Pocket-lint.