A company that normally helps large retailers and manufacturers such as HP, IBM and Motorola sell on platforms such as eBay and Amazon are about to offer consumers the same package allowing them to sell stuff on eBay easier.

The new Pro package from ChannelAdvisor has the same principals used to by £1million per month sellers has been scaled down onto a consumer-sized package for independent eBay entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make it big.

As well as promising to simplify the organisation and tracking of inventory and creation of professional and template auction ads, the company says that it will enable efficient management of transactions and dispatches, and the automation of customer communications via email.

Users can also replicate previous ads for identical or similar item sales, as well as manage images such as logos and product photography.

ChannelAdvisor Pro starts from £3.90 per month and includes access to ChannelAdvisor’s ‘seller community’ where users can share strategies and help each other. Prices will go up depending on how many items you want to sell.

ChannelAdvisor Pro is aimed at eBay traders selling in excess of 20 items per month.