McAfee has launched McAfee VirusScan for Mactel 8.0 to help protect Apple computer users from Macintosh and Windows- based viruses, Trojans and other malicious threats.

Although there has been no reported virus ever found on an Apple Computer, McAfee says that "Macintosh platform vulnerabilities have increased more than 228 percent since 2003 due to the rising popularity of Apple's consumer products, notably the iPod media devices and iTunes media services."

McAfee say that its new VirusScan for Mactel software "is designed to detect, clean and delete infected emails and attachments, keeping systems free from these threats."

"The availability of Mac exploit code on the Internet makes it an open target for the same types of malware currently plaguing the Windows world," said Eric Winsborrow, vice president of product marketing, McAfee "As more companies deploy Mac systems running on the Intel platform in mixed environments, the risk of infection will most likely increase. With McAfee VirusScan for Mactel, administrators can deploy systems on the new Mac Intel platform with the assurance that they are steps ahead of future security threats."