Tiscali has come up with an interesting way of allowing people from around the world to share music without annoying the music industry (well not yet).

The internet service provider has launched a free jukebox that allows users free of charge to listen to what has got to be one of the most comprehensive peer-to-peer jukeboxes ever to hit the net.

Without logging on or giving any details Windows PC users can browse more than 3.5 million tracks and share them with friends around the world free of charge.

Users can browse by artist name or genre, check out the playlists provided by other users, broadcast their own collection to others on the network or access biographies and images of their favourite artists.

Music ranges from major international stars to unsigned musicians who are simply looking for a place to share their compositions and performances.

Tiscali are hoping the initiative will help them sell music tracks via its Tiscali Music Download sale catalogue of which currently includes over a million tracks for users to purchase.

Users can select the track/s they are interested in by clicking "LISTEN". By clicking "BUY" they can then purchase and download the track/s at the low price of 69p.

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