Fathers beware, grubby children and destructive pets stop millions of people from ever splashing out on dream furniture and decor, according to a new survey.

More than half admit having children completely influences the way they decorate and prevents them buying fixtures, fittings and furniture they would really love in their home.

Two thirds of parents are so worried the little terrors will ruin their hard work with pens, crayons, paint, etc they won't buy a pale carpets.

Some 62 per cent, meanwhile, avoid fashionable glass topped tables and 70 per cent would never consider a light-coloured sofa although it was a favourite.

Another 18 per cent admit they have had to sacrifice plans for trendy laminate or real wood flooring fearing it would either be too noisy or their kids would slip and injure themselves.

The survey of 2000 people by interior design company Rhodec International revealed more than 40 per cent of parents are resigned to never buying anything they really want until the children fly the nest.

It shows that 28 per cent of parents look forward to the day when their kids finally move out so they can decorate exactly how they want.

But it's not just kids who are causing havoc around the home - over a third of Brits claim their pets restrict the way they decorate too.