Chances are you know someone who is about to have a baby and what better way to say well done that with a bouquet of flowers.

But as we all know flowers are both expensive and have a tendency to die 3 days after you bought them from the petrol station down the road on the way home.

In steps

an ingenious idea where you give a bouquet that instead of being made with flowers is actually made from organic baby clothes presented to look and smell like a real bunch of flowers.

Prices start from £18 and go up to £50 and come in a range of colours to suit boys or girls.

The £50 version for example includes a classic sleepsuit, matching vest, hat and mittens all made from organic cotton as well as a facecloth, luxury soap and five pairs of practical socks in 100% cotton. Available in sizes 0-3 months.

Better still the UK based company will even deliver it straight to the maternity ward of your choice.

Brownie points all round then.