Over half of UK dads-to-be (51%) hope their child will become an entrepreneurial millionaire to rival Sugar or Branson, over double the number that dream of their nipper becoming the future Beckham and raising aloft the World Cup one day as England Captain (19%), according to the first annual 'Great Expectations' study, carried out by Silver Cross, makers of prams and buggies.

The 'Great Expectations' study studied the attitudes of over 500 dads-to-be, to the changes they'd have to make in their own lives and to their future aspirations for their children.

The study reveals that programmes such as 'The Apprentice', 'Dragon's Den' and 'Make me a Million', have inspired UK dads to wish for boardroom success for their children above political power, fame or sporting glory.

Dads are 10 times as likely to wish their son or daughter was a future Sugar or Roddick than a Blair or Thatcher. Only one in 20 (4%) would want to see their child behind the doors of no. 10 as Prime Minister.

And inpsite of the popularity of shows like Pop Idol only 4% dream of chart glory for their baby. Five times as many would prefer their child went into a caring profession like teaching (23%).

Nearly half also admit fearing the sacrifice they might have to make in the bedroom - with 47% concerned about the effect of a screaming baby on their sex life!

21st century dads in waiting also anticipate playing an active role in raising the baby once it's born with over a third (34%) willing to give up seeing friends, a quarter prepared to give up watching sport and one in six (16%) prepared to give up playing sport to do so.