New research about the spending habits of pregnant women are likely to strike fear into any man about to become a father.

New figures out today suggest that UK women spend £1/2 billion annually when the "nesting urge" strikes and they rush to prepare the perfect home for their new baby.

The survey found that 80% of new mothers in the UK renovated their home prior to their child's birth. The urge hits strongest in the second trimester, with 71% feeling the need to get the builders in at 24 weeks into their term.

However, making the home ready for a new family member isn't all plain sailing. Four in ten (40%) new mothers made lifestyle sacrifices to ensure work was done in time, and one in five (18%) claim that having the work done was actually more stressful than childbirth!

Tellingly, just 16% of those interviewed had done any checks on the tradesmen they let into their homes.

The survey carried out by TrustMark, the Government-backed scheme to help the public find reputable tradespeople questioned 1000 mothers.