Today GNER trains confirmed that it's entire GNER fleet will be Wi-Fi ready by August of this year, 9 months ahead of the original deadline of May 2007.

GNER chief executive Christopher Garnett says: "Wireless internet is already proving popular and versatile on board the ten trains which already have it. We are keen to bring the benefits to all GNER passengers as quickly as we can".

Every GNER train, including the ten which have been part of the original Wi-Fi trial, will be fitted with the latest satellite, GPRS and 3G equipment, allowing faster connection speeds and "always on" connectivity to the wireless network while on the move.

The new technology means passengers using Wi-Fi can remain connected
throughout the journey, even in tunnels.

First Class passengers can access Wi-Fi free of charge during their journey, while in Standard Class the system operates on a "pay-as-you-go" principle.

Prices for Standard Class will be £2.95 for 30 minutes, £4.95 for 60 minutes £7.95 for 120 minutes and £9.95 for 3 hours.