Worried that criminals are swiping satellite navigation systems faster than manufacturers can make them, Blackspot the maker of speed camera locator Road Angel, has launched a new insurance plan to cover your device when it's still in the car.

"With vehicle crime accounting for one fifth of all crimes, it is time that our customers were protected. Police statistics show that 93% of theft from cars is opportunist."

"People find that, in most cases, navigation and driver safety systems are not covered by either home or car insurance policies and those that are normally carry a high excess or can result in a loss of no claims bonus. Blackspot Insurance can bridge this gap by offering a policy to cover not only navigation but all Road Angel driver safety products", Steven Salmon, Chief Executive from Blackspot explained.

The £3.98 Blackspot Insurance has been developed in partnership with Lifestyle Services Group and covers the full replacement of the device with a like for like product, should the device be stolen from your car.

The policy will also covers against damage and breakage, component & screen failure, screen flickering. And breakage of cables and port failures.