Husbands and wives looking to surf to site that perhaps their partner might not approve on finding out about, will rejoice in a new piece of software launched by Steganos, the security and privacy software company.

The company has launched Steganos Internet Anonym Online, a package that enables users to surf the Internet anonymously - whether they are at home, work or in an internet cafe - without installing any software.

The first of Steganos's online services, users are protected from profiling and from their access being traced back to their computer or ISP accounts.

To use Steganos Internet Anonym Online, the user just calls up a special page on the Steganos website and activates a toolbar. The website address is entered into the toolbar, and the Steganos server fetches the webpages anonymously and without any loss of speed.

The company says that the user's IP address is hidden and cookies and malware scripts are automatically filtered out. The connection between the user's computer and the Steganos server is encrypted using SSL, and the software also supports secure websites so that ecommerce sites including Amazon and eBay can be browsed privately.

Users can test the tool for free for 1 week and subscribe for a year for £34.95.