What's today? Well it's the start of National Nap at Work Week of course, that aims to highlight the health and productivity benefits of daytime napping.

This year's campaign is dedicated to the new Dads who claim they would like the right to sleep on the Job!

The arrival of a new baby is known to have a huge impact, particularly on Mum's sleep pattern, but people seem to forget about Dad. Dad is the one who has to get right back to work with often little sleep to go on.

According to a recent survey, 85% of new Dads are affected by lack of sleep due to their new arrival, and more than half of new Dads admit that this affects their performance at work and have felt themselves nodding off in the workplace. Unsurprising given that 63% of them have been devotedly helping with night time feeds.

The survey also found that most of these Dads believe an authorised power nap at work could help to improve their performance dramatically.

But new Dads are not selfish; it seems they recognise the importance of sleep for all their colleagues too, as 68% of them believe power nap facilities and privileges should be extended to all members of staff!

Of course with any problem there is always a marketing solution and in this case it's the launch of a stupid bed called the "Ready Bed" that is an air mattress, pillow and bedding all in one.

Coming with a battery-operated pump for quick and easy inflation, and deflation, it will fold down incredibly small for limited workplace storage.

Worlds Apart suggests that a Ready Bed would make the ideal Baby Shower gift for dads-to-be from their concerned and considerate employers.

Available from Argos and other good stores, a single ready bed costs a whopping £45.